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Created on 2017-04-20 20:17:20 (#3148343), last updated 2017-09-13 (1 week ago)

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Birthdate:Aug 7
Location:Oregon, United States of America
I'm usually interested in absolutely everything. (And I carefully watch the exceptions. Lack of interest is a very active in-head demon to be feared and respected.)

Interests (127):

"bad thinking", "good thinking", almost anything involving sound, anything i don't understand, attempted general decency, bagdad cafe, billie holliday, bo diddley, boka marimba, bubba ho-tep, cast a deadly spell, cecil woodham-smith, chet atkins, children of the stones, cooking, cosmos (carl sagan's), dan simmons, daredevil, das boot, dave brubeck, david brin, doris lessing, duke ellington, earth, economics, electro-swing, eminem, ennio morricone, excalibur, fearless, fiction, fred saberhagen, fritz leiber, gardening, gene wolfe, glukoza, gorillaz, grave of the fireflies, gregory benford, heart of the comet, heather alexander, herman daly, hostile takeover, how to get ahead in advertising, human beings, human ecology, in the wild with harry butler, investigating things, iron fist, jack vance, jared diamond, jessica jones, john stuart mill, johnny cash, joseph conrad, kris kristofferson, lady gaga, laibach, language, larry niven, laurie anderson, leonard cohen, les baxter, ludwig beethoven, luke cage, luther, master and commander, mediaeval baebes, memento, miles davis, millennium actress, moon, mountain gorillas, mythago wood, naomi novik, neil young, nonfiction, octopuses, old doctor who w/ bad effects and elisabeth sladen, persepolis, picnic at hanging rock, planet of the apes (charlton heston), ray bradbury, reading, rights, robert bloch, robert heinlein, robert silverberg, robert zubrin, robinson jeffers, roger zelazny, russell kirk (ghost stories), scott joplin, space, speculating randomly, stargate sg-1, steel beach, stephen king, susan cooper, talking to myself, tanith lee, the blues brothers, the environment, the eurythmics, the grateful dead, the handsome family, the l. buckingham cover of "cool water", the last wave, the lost room, the man who risked his partner, the other, the santaroga barrier, the sciences, the triangle, thinking, tom's midnight garden, tony hillerman, twin peaks, van canto, vangelis, vernor vinge, watership down, william butler yeats, william carlos williams, wizardry 8, wolfgang amadeus mozart, writing
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